concerts 2020:

contemporary music Eckernfoerde


concert 31. January 2020   8 p.m

St. Nicolai church Eckernfoerde

moments of light


© Txuca Pereira  (Ensemble Reflexion K in Madrid)


The moon has risen,
The tiny golden stars shine
    In the heavens bright and clear...

Who does not know the famous "Abendlied" by Matthias Claudius?
And no matter in what sense you would like to receive it, it lets you sink into other worlds again and again, while in the dark evening sky the moon and the stars shine.
Similarly, the concert series New Music Eckernfoerde starts with "moments of light" in the still dark new year 2020. Tiny lights glisten on the water, outside and inside reflect each other and open up new horizons.



Ludger Kisters
"Fließ" (2019)
for flute, clarinet, violoncello and live-electronics

Roland Breitenfeld
"moments of light" (2006)
for mezzosoprano, bassflute, bassclarinet and live-electronics

Gerald Eckert
"außen, von tief innen" (2015)
for bassflute, cb-clarinet und violoncello

Peter Gahn
"standing in front of the fiction shelves" (2016)
for flute, clarinet, violoncello und electronics

Roland Breitenfeld
"Die Sternenreuse" (Version 2017)
for mezzosoprano, speaker, flute, violoncello and live-electronics

Katja Kanowski mezzosoprano
Ingeborg Losch speaker
Roland Breitenfeld live-electronics
Ensemble Reflexion K  
Beatrix Wagner flute
Joachim Striepens clarinet
Gerald Eckert violoncello



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